Ideas to pixels


Gunatato: Brawl of the west

A local multiplayer game where you shoot your opponent until he's fried.

3D bomberman copycat (no official name)

A prototype of a 3d bomberman style game in a local multiplayer setting using gamepads (xbox one / ps4 / ps5)

Other projects

*note: most of theses projects are incomplete. The intention is to showcase the kind of projects I worked on over the years.

Robotrush (2019)

Web link
A simple web based obstacle course game where the player must dodge the incoming barrels.

Keys of power (2018)

Download link (Zip File)
[incomplete] - A prototype of a 2d platformer game in which the player has to find keys to open doors to get to the end.

Boomashit (2018)

Web link
[incomplete] - A simple web based clicker game (works better on mobile). You have to shit as much as possible in a given time.

Aventure of Dalun (2017)

Download link (Zip File) [FR]
A game rendered in a terminal where the player has to answer riddles to beat the game.

IADI (2017) Fr
IADI (2017) En

Web link
A little game where you have a conversation with a computer.